Miri for School Board

I am passionate about education and do everything I can to support our school district. I can make a substantially positive impact on the education of our children in our community as a member of the the Anacortes School Board. I hope to help the Anacortes School District continue to achieve exceptionally high levels of excellence in all aspects of our educational programming while developing enhanced equity, support, and efficiency in our ongoing operations.

Public school provides essential opportunities for the children in our community while ensuring that everyone has the chance to succeed and grow. The public education system is a great gift to our children, and allows us to create a love of learning among our students that will continue long after they have graduated from our local schools. Public schools work with families to create self sufficient, emotionally stable and well-rounded individuals who become productive and supportive members of society.

School board members should exercise a high level of critical thinking and collaboration with school district administrators. The school board sets the vision and strategic plan for the district, including goals that focus on supporting all students to achieve high levels of excellence in a variety of educational areas. Board members should ensure that the school district staff and students have the resources necessary to meet their goals.

The school board is accountable to the families of the school district and is responsible for ensuring that budgetary and operational decisions support the long-term goals of the district and the needs of our children. Most importantly, board members serve as public education ambassadors in the community, providing district transparency and ensuring ongoing communication among district staff and community members at large.

The Anacortes School District deserves leaders who value collaborative decisions and input from community members. If elected, I’ll provide more ways for you to share your perspective so we can pursue excellence together.

School board activities should be transparent and accessible to the community. I would make the board more visible with online video, the same way that our City Council meetings are accessible to watch from home. Parents, teachers and community members need more opportunities for engagement with the school board, and streaming public meetings is an easy way to help.

If elected, I plan to hold monthly “Chats with Miri” to stay connected to the people I serve.