Miri Levi is Running for Anacortes School Board Position 3

My name is Miri and I’m running for ASD School Board in Position 3 because I believe in the power of education to shape our community. The quality of education that we provide in our public schools has a tremendous impact on the long term success of our community. We are at a precipice of a new era for our school district where our leadership can transition from building and infrastructure projects to focusing on the quality of our instruction, hiring a new superintendent and providing holistic education for all of our students.

Miri at Anacortes High School

We need a strong, committed and active school board team that can ensure accountability and support for our teachers, equitable education for children of all demographics, transparent communication with parents and ongoing discussion and feedback from the Anacortes community. My unique skill set as an experienced executive leader, healthcare professional, small business owner, volunteer, nonprofit director and mother to three children attending ASD schools can help our school district improve. The success of our children depends on the decisions made by the school board so I ask for your vote, to allow me to serve our families in Position 3. Thank you!

As a school board director I will ask tough questions, participate in public dialogue, and partner with the Anacortes community to find solutions that ensure success for all our children.


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