Enhanced, personal support for teachers

The teachers of Anacortes deserve the best classroom enrichment and teaching tools, the most advanced learning technologies and the continuing education of their choice. Our teachers need unfailing support from the administration in all aspects of their daily experience. Most importantly, each teacher should get the unique support they want for themselves.

Individualized options for students

All students are created equal, but their needs are not all the same. Our children are unique and their needs are diverse. Enhanced educational equity can ensure that all students receive the high-quality instruction they deserve with the specialized solutions they need. Creating an IEP should be a process rooted in the circumstances of each student without regard to the cost impact of their individual educational plan.

Detailed communication with parents

Parents are the front line of education in our community and are the primary providers of safety and security to our children. The parents of Anacortes School District require an open line of communication with the school district administration and the elected members of the school board. Parents should hear immediately when issues arise within the schools, and should be heard when they contact school leadership.

Inspired leadership by the school board

The Anacortes School Board members are elected to serve the families of Anacortes. Strong leadership, careful stewardship and engaged understanding of school district operations are essential to the operations of an effective school board. Our community deserves school board leadership that puts students and families first, shows effective operational prowess and leverages a deep understanding of the perspective of Anacortes families.

Arts and Athletics

Athletics and arts activities are a cost-effective way to provide better educational outcomes, enhanced school engagement, a stronger sense of belonging, improved life skills development, healthier behaviors, and successful outcomes after high school. With your vote, you can count on me to properly balance the many priorities in our school district to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to develop our children into quality citizens.

My background in the arts and understanding of child development will ensure that ASD delivers the best for our children. Arts education increases engagement in the learning process and helps kids develop habits that improve the way they learn. The arts encourage students to develop skills that can be applied to other disciplines, such as curiosity, collaboration, and spatial thinking skills.

I’ll make sure we maintain a quality physical education program and a great athletics department. Successful sports teams lead to a greater sense of school community for all students! Participation in athletics leads to positive outcomes such as improved test scores, more meaningful connections to the school, and better memory/learning habits.